An email from Sendai (Tohoku University)

I was very glad today to receive an email from Akihiro Munemasa (from Tohoku university at Sendai), my long-term collaborator and friend. He says he’s OK, but has no electricity/water/gas…

And, as we see, they have internet, at least some kind of service (email went via, a web-mail service run by Apple).

Well, I can only wish a lot of strength to Akihiro, and all the people affected by this disaster!

PS: today (14th March) he also sent me photos of his office:
photo of the office


One Response to “An email from Sendai (Tohoku University)”

  1. judith marichalar Says:

    we have a family friend (close friend of my 2 sons) who may be studying at the university of tohoku near sendai. Her name is Masako Matsui, and she travelled to Canada (Ottawa) in 1996 (or 97?) where she was taken in by our host family (Mrs Eva Szabo)….My 2 boys who became good friends with Masako (who lived earlier in Kasakake/Gumma, at the time of her trip)…their names are Pascal and Olivier Marichalar. We have lost contact with her but wish to find her. COuld you possibly help?
    Thank you and all our prayers are with you.

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